NetApp Products FAS8000 Series Overview

Accelerate business operations and respond easily to changing requirements with unified, scalable hybrid storage.

FAS8000 Series
In hybrid FAS8000 configurations, flash functions as a self-managing virtual storage tier with up to 144TB of flash per HA pair and 1.7PB per cluster. Hot data is automatically promoted to
flash in real time, so you get the full benefit of flash performance. ONTAP software on the FAS8000 simplifies flash management, resulting in more powerful hybrid storage. The AFF family of all-flash arrays is optimized for applications that require rich data management as well as high performance and consistent low latency. See the AFF datasheet for details.

Scale and adapt to meet changing needs

Optimize and accelerate your storage environment as performance and capacity requirements change. Scale up by adding capacity, adding flash acceleration, and upgrading controllers. Scale out by growing from two nodes up to a 24 node cluster with 138PB of capacity, including combinations of different FAS and AFF models.

With nondisruptive addition and replacement of storage systems and components, scaling occurs without maintenance windows or the challenge of coordinating downtime across teams. Perform your updates during regular work hours.

Achieve unparalleled availability and non-disruptive operations

FAS8000 enterprise storage is engineered to meet demanding availability requirements. All models are designed to deliver 99.9999% availability or greater through a comprehensive approach that combines highly reliable hardware, innovative software, and sophisticated service analytics.

Software and firmware updates, hardware repair and replacement, load balancing, and tech refresh happen without planned downtime. NetApp Integrated Data Protection technologies protect your data, accelerate recovery, and integrate with leading backup applications for easier management. Advanced service analytics software prevents issues from becoming outages.

Risk signatures are constantly monitored, and your administrators and/or NetApp service staff are alerted to proactively address issues that might affect operations.

Get more from existing storage array investments

Simplify your IT operations and deliver more value from existing third-party arrays by using them as additional storage capacity behind FAS8000 systems. FlexArray virtualization software
running on FAS8000 extends ONTAP to include storage capacity from EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, and NetApp E-Series arrays. Consolidate management of your existing storage to increase efficiency, add support for SAN and NAS workloads, and provide superior data management functionality.